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30 June, 2011

What's on my mind today is my Scarecrow

 What do you think of my Scarecrow?

Should the hat stay or go?

Every day I talk to my seedlings and ask them to grow just a little bit more and every day I yell at my dogs to stay away from my little green babies.

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29 June, 2011

Spout The Plushie Lout

It’s time to release my latest little one, 
I’m a bit apprehensive!
He didn’t take long to make, an hour or two and I was through.
But there’s been so much doubt about releasing Spout,
He has an outrageous attitude,
I’m ashamed to say he’s turned out to be somewhat of a lout.
Every day he runs around the house, knocking things over,
He gives me such grief and the dogs run for cover.
When a visitor comes to the door,
Spout runs up and gives an almighty roar.

Thankfully, all this activity makes Spout a tired toy.
So it’s nice for all of us when we can hear him no more,

Well, just a quiet snore!

26 June, 2011

Living Art - A Childhood Memory

I've been thinking about if this project is really worthy of putting out there, but it got inside my head and just wouldn't let up until I did something about it.

Hey, if you like it, it has to be one of the most wonderful opportunities to share a garden and a craft at the same time with restless kids and I guarantee everyone will get something out of it.

25 June, 2011

Value Challenge is Complete - Yippee

Now I Can Get Back To Sewing or Gardening - whatever!

But I just have to mention that I completed my "Value Challenge".
In a blog recently I've set myself a Value Challenge I decided to contact all my class mates (turned out to be 18 creative and talented individuals)  via their blogs, take ten minutes to look around and then contact them, introduce myself and say hello.

I estimated it would take me about 3 to 4 hours.  I was living in "fantasy" land because it actually took me about  14 hours over several days.  One problem as a new blogger, I kept getting lost with all the different pages open.  Then I'd close the wrong pages etc, etc.  But it was a challenge worth doing because it was nice to see how extremely talented my fellow class mates are.

If you want to undertake an on-line class that delivers what it says it will in an informative and professional manner then head over to Diane at Crafty Pod and have a look around.  There's an easy to see link there "Take My Classes".  You won't be disappointed.

24 June, 2011

A Dog's Breakfast

I've got two Jack Russell teenagers, Lilly and Goldie. I can hear your mind turning over.  There's something familiar about their names, you say!  Let me know when you work it out.

 Any way, when Lilly is not getting enough attention she eats her blanket.  Well, it's not just her blanket she has to share it with her sister, Goldie.

This is what said blanket looked like.  Goldie is the model in this pic.

Just wait till I get my paws on my sister

This is what said blanket looks like now.  It's nothing flashy, but lots warmer.  I used up all those granny squares and bits and pieces that were just gathering dust.

Well, it's better than what it was!

It was impossible to work with this blanket because both dogs freaked out every time i attempted to mend it and wanted to snuggle up in it. 

This is the culprit.  How guilty does she look?

I didn't do it.

23 June, 2011

On My Mind Today Is Friends

I can't boast that I have lots of friends, but the friends I have made over the years have stayed with me forever.  This is me and Annie in a small village in Sapa.  Annie walked with me for two hours and didn't stop talking the entire time.  She took my hand when the going got tough, and she was weaving hemp string all the time.  We talked about our sons and sisters, her life in the village, the crafts she makes and she was always so happy and positive.  I love Annie, she is so beautiful.  I think of her often and hope that she is okay.  This photo makes me shed a tear of happiness and sadness, because I miss her.

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22 June, 2011

No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye, I'm Late For a Very Important Date!

I have to hurry because the course with Diane finishes tomorrow.  Or today or the day after that; depends where in the world everyone lives.
I've managed to communicate with 7 of the 23 class mates.  It does take time; I thought I could do it in about 3 hours.  What was I thinking?  Not clearly that’s for sure.

I've been tantalised and seduced by an overwhelming mix of exceptionally creative and artistic people that prior to this course, I didn't know existed.  In some cases I’ve been so overwhelmed by what people are doing that I’ve been left speechless and I will need to return to their blogs once I can absorb the enormity of what they are doing.

I’ve actually visited everyone, but my challenge to communicate with each one individually is taking time because this is a value challenge. 

Chatting in the Sapa Market

It’s not about idle chit chat, it’s about seeking out likeminded class mates, (who just happen to be all women), and ensure they have a real sense of what their contribution to craft, artistry and creativity has impacted on me on a personal level and that I so appreciate their contribution to the craft world. 

Sewing in a Tribal Village - Sapa Vietnam
This value challenge has filled me with an unbelievable happiness that I am glad has become bigger than Texas because it’s just going to continue and will by my motivation and inspiration for a long time to come.  I am of no importance, and I am not trying to portray myself as an expert or critic.  I just love what everyone is doing around the world. 

21 June, 2011

I've Set Myself A Mammoth Value Challenge

Today I've set myself a challenge and I've been inspired by Pam from Gingerbread Snowflakes who is in a sharing and learning mode for the rest of this month.

With that in mind, my challenge to me, is to visit the blogs of each member of an on-line course I am currently undertaking.  It's called "Write, Publish and Sell your Crafty E-Book" and is delivered by the very talented Diane at Crafty Pod.  I'm loving the course by the way, but don't hold your breath for my up and coming publication, I think it will be in the WIP basket for sometime.

My challenge is to spend at least 10 minutes on each site and then personally contact each member via email.  There are 23 people doing this course.  Will be interesting to see how long this takes.  Will let you know.

Still talking to myself, but that's okay.  I'm happy in my own little crafty world.

20 June, 2011

Allow Me To Introduce Doreen and Elizabeth

I've always wanted to have chickens running around my backyard, but unfortunately I couldn't devote the proper amount of time to them since I worked full time.  
Now that I am not working, I still can't have chickens in the backyard because I've got two Jack Russell teenager dogs/children who would kill on sight.  So I've created an alternative!!!!!

Doreen looks a bit angry in this photo, but she can drop an egg or two when nobody's looking.

19 June, 2011

Lou Lou

Lou Lou is a Susie McMahon design cloth doll.  I made her some months ago when I was looking for a new craft and Lou Lou gave me intense pleasure during the creating process.
I've not painted her face too well, but it was the first time I had ever done anything like this.  It was such an enjoyable experience, that I intend to make another  one day.
If you like sculptured art dolls then please visit Susie's site and another great site to drool over is Di Arnold Dolls.  If I could be as creative and artistic as Di and Susie, I would be one happy puppy.   

17 June, 2011

Today I'm Thinking About

Flower Pot Cosy    Link Back to DOWN TO EARTH

From This Sad Little Flower Pot

With a few scraps of material lying around, I made these ...................................

16 June, 2011

I Can Never Find My Crochet Hooks!!!!!!!

They usually look like this when I finally find them.

So I fixed one aspect of the problem,

The crochet hooks should all be together when I find them!!!!!!!

14 June, 2011

My Latest Creation


Retro is made from faux fur and a gorgeous retro stretchy fabric and from this my little Retro was born.

I just love you Google Chrome. Google Chrome has saved my sanity.

I'm not an IT expert but I know my way around a computer and some of the other high-end stuff and I've been going okay with all the techie elements of posting and design for my blog, but I have been having so much trouble leaving comments to my favourite bloggers.  

13 June, 2011

Have a Bonza Day

What can I say, I not only fell in love with the faux fur and printed material, I fall head over heels for Bonza.  As my dad would say, "What a bonza bloke".  But Bonza is a she and she lives up to her reputation; just a feel happy creature with not one scary bit of fibre filling in her body.

I was out walking today and stumbled across

Winter In Melbourne - Australia

12 June, 2011

Mali My Elephant

As cute as cute could be

Mali is a recent addition to my plush toy range and I named her after the baby elephant born at the
Melbourne Zoo Australia. The real Mali is 12 mths old, extremely cute and cheeky, a real delight to watch and doesn't she love the attention. She has a new family member now, a baby boy called Ongard - so she's got some competition.

I took this photo of Mali, her mum Dokkoon and aunties when she was only a few months old. One of the aunties was pregnant with Ongard at the time of this photo.

Come and Play - Stuffed Pine Cones

I made this padded pine cone the other day, I remember making something like this as a kid at school.  I just wanted to sit and play, so this is what I did.

The finished result

You need a pine cone that's a bit old with lots of open claws.
 This is how I did it

Scraps of material, needle, thread, scissors and wadding, or you could be just a little bit fancy and put potpourri into each circle.
Now that's not a bad idea!!

Cut enough circles to fill the pine cone

Sew a running thread around the circle
Add some wadding or pot pourri if you prefer
Gather up the running thread and secure to make a little ball
Push the balls in tight and move or break the pine claws to make more room

You're done, a bunch of these in a basket look great, small ones make great christmas decorations and it took less than hour, but hey it might keep the kids quiet if you put them to the task

09 June, 2011

Chocolate Anyone?

I'm constantly amazed at the strange containers I collect to hold all my precious bits and pieces.  This is an old Cadbury Chocolate box, have no idea how old.  A hand me down from my mother-in-law.  She has so many of this kind of stuff around her place and when she asked me if I could use it, well it's a silly question really. I love it.

06 June, 2011

Washing Day - Hanging it out to dry!

"Give me the inspiration to be what I was before I became all the other things I’ve been"  (Chris Kemp 2011)

It’s time to talk about why I want to be a blogger.  I can say it’s not because I want to share how many latte’s I drink a day, or how the dog ate my recent post.  Nope, none of that rubbish.  If that were the case I’d have lost any readers 10 seconds ago, in fact I’d have lost me.  Since I have no followers and that’s because my blog is still an infant, I’m going to interview myself - because I can.

Me:        Christine, tell my why you decided to start a blog?

Me:        I did everything back to front and the blog morphed because I created a website about a passion of mine which is CRAFT, because I needed to do something to keep my brain active.  The website came about because some wonderful American salesman named Jess; convinced me that his company’s website tools and training would make me money within a week.
Me:        Would you say you are gullible?

Me:        Yes and No.  Firstly I’m currently unemployed; I had a lot of self-doubt and no confidence because of that situation.  Money was not the motivator.  I new I could bring some really savvy IT skills to the table.  So, whilst Jess conned me with his excellent sales pitch, the spin was actually what I wanted to do.

Me:        You said you did everything ‘back to front’.  Can you tell us what you mean by that?
Me:        In the real world the craft comes first.  A person has one or two areas of craftsmanship that they work at with flair and passion.  This produces a product which they then have the option to sell, teach, give away or promote in a way that pleases them.  In this day and age, the web is a crafters paradise.  A blog can promote them and their product if they wish, they can give it away or sell it or display their work how they like.  They develop a following over time.  This often leads to a website, which can lead to an on-line business.  I started with the website, then a blog and embarrassingly I’m still looking for the craft to go with it and the followers.  I’m the horse chasing the cart.

Me:        Is there a great disadvantage in what you’ve done?
Me:        Yes.  Apart from wasting time, I’m missing opportunities.

Me:        If you could do it all again, what would you do?
Me:        That’s an interesting question.  I’m a square peg person trying to fit into a round hole.  I would do it all again exactly the same because that’s my personality type.  If I’d done it in the order that I perceive everyone else does it (and my research suggests they do), then I would never have continued with the project.  It would have been too easy for me to say “This is all too hard”.  But I’d make Jess work harder on his sales pitch, just because.

Me:        Can you share with your audience (LOL) what your area of craft expertise will be in the future?
Me:        No, but stayed tuned.

Me:        Well, Christine that was an enjoyable interview and I would like to thank you for your time.  Naturally we at Golden Lilly Crafts wish you all the best in your endeavours and look forward to a follow up interview in the months to come.  Hopefully, you can find a way to get that damn horse in front of the cart!!
Me:        Not sure how the horse and cart thingy will work out but yup, I think I'm ready to bring the washing in from the line.  Look forward to your follow up interview.