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03 October, 2011

Make a Dream Catcher

About Dream Catchers

 Dream catchers were originally made by the grandparents of the American native Ojibwa tribes.  The web represents a spider’s web and each dream catcher has a hole in the centre.  The web catches the bad dreams which melt in the sunlight, and the good dreams pass through the centre hole and travel down the feather suspended from the centre.

It is believed that when you make a dream catcher, you should clear your thoughts and be at peace, because whatever energy surrounds you will be transferred to the dream catcher.

Dream catchers look good against a wall as a decoration.  However, hang them near a bed if you want to catch your dreams and in a window that catches the sunlight to melt the bad dreams.

A dream catcher’s healing powers are said to be greater when it’s a gift.  You can personalise your gift by adding bits and pieces which hold special significance for the recipient.

Understanding more about dream catchers can be found here and here.

My dream catcher is in the shape of a heart, traditionally a dream catcher is a circle.

Six easy steps to making a dream catcher, instructions can be downloaded here


  1. How beautiful! You are one clever lady! I really love looking at all your creations :) gives me great inspiration to get crafting. Regards, Ruth

  2. Thanks for visiting, will return to you blog soon. Keep well.

  3. So pretty! love,andrea

  4. Thanks Chris for your comments. Blogging has been great just because I met you...and you live so far away! That is amazing...a Christincidence! (a made-up word I've heard!) And I've learned alot, so thanks! love,andrea

  5. I like your dreamcatcher with the heart shape and so many feathers. I never knew its significance until now. Thanks!

  6. First of all, I love your heart shaped dream catcher.

    And I really love how you created the PDF file instead of a full on how to post. Very cool. Must research how to do this because it gives the reader the options of a quick read and the full tutorial! Excellent!

  7. I hot footed it over here today after reading your lovely comment on my blog - you bought my book! What can I say except thank you and I really hope you enjoy it whenever the post decide to deliver it. Don't worry - the way my writing is going the next book won't be ready until Christmas next year so you'll have some time to read this one :)
    Very nice to find you here and as for dream catchers well, I only discovered them a couple of years ago and was fascinated by them. Yours is very beautiful indeed and if I find myself with some free time (Ha!) I might try to make one, although some of my dreams are probably best not caught!
    Warm wishes from a windy and grey UK

  8. Very Pretty an my favorite color too.Big Hugs, please stop by tomorrow and linkup for the Thursday Favorite Things Blog hop. :-)

  9. I love you all thanks for the visit and the warm comments. Will return the visit today. I'm blog hopping.

  10. So pretty! I've heard of small ones being used for hair accessories. I always thought that was a nice idea.:)

  11. Super cute. I'm going to look into making dream catchers. They are so pretty and I really do feel better sleeping with one close to me. =)

  12. I like that your dream catcher isn't the standard circle. When our kids were young we had dream catchers made and blessed for each of them plus one for our room. We had them made by an Indian from the Seminole Reservation. I've always loved them. I think it would be fun to make some ourselves.


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