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17 April, 2012

Easter Swap Surprise

Patrick from Cre8ors Touch invited fellow Hive artisans to choose a Vintage Easter card of their preference, replicate it into a 3-D form either 3 dimensional painting, sculpture, doll, dream scape, dia-rama.  The challenge was to translate the feeling of the card chosen into a 3 dimensional piece.  At the conclusion of the challenge participant names were swapped using the number generator and then we shipped our creations off to new homes.

This is what I received:

This beautiful paper clay sculpture was designed and created by Gloriann who has an amazing blog and shop called Little Garden Crafts.  Her precious gift to me has pride and place in my family room, I just have to make sure when someone takes a look at my gorgeous bunnies they don't touch.  These bunnies have travelled all the way from New York to Australia without harm, so I intend that they will live a happy and carefree life without any mishaps.  

Gloriann's design was based on this Vintage Easter Card

This is what I made for the challenge:

My creation is made from felt and hand sewn.  Each bunny has moving arms and legs and the basket was made from felt and hand sewn into shape.  Each bunny has different characteristics ~ I designed a different pattern and shape to try and give each a unique pose in an endeavour to replicate the card more accurately.

My design was based on this Vintage Easter Card 

Sincere thanks to Patrick who hosted a fun Easter Swap Challenge for 2012.

12 April, 2012

Always Believe That Something Wonderful Is About To Happen

Yep something wonderful has happened here..  I produced this creative canvas, that's what!  I subscribed to the March 2012 Creative Canvas Workshop by Donna Downey and had a blast making this.  Donna is a truly over the top fantastic creative soul.  I can't get enough of Donna.

So now I have my very own piece of art to hang and I will be proudly displaying it above my bed.  Which means that I have to give my bedroom a make-over.  One thing always leads to another.

Today I am co-hosting Katherine's Corner blog hop, which is a brilliant way of discovering new friends and interacting with a variety of blogs from around the world.

Katherine from Katherine's Corner is an absolute inspiration to me and well now, she could really do justice to my bedroom makeover.  This lady has it all worked out when it comes to everything fancy and beautiful.  You should treat yourself and visit her blog, unless you've already come from her blog then you'll know what I'm talking about ~ in which case stay awhile here and have a look around.  Go on, grab a cuppa and enjoy yourself.

10 April, 2012

Letter Art ~ My First Lesson

I'm loving Letter Art.  It's fun, relaxing, creative ~ just a wonderful play time.  The best part is I don't need a desk, nor do I need expensive paper, pens or paints.  In fact, I coloured this delicious piece with chalk and then later gave it a luscious and generous spray of hairspray.  My masterpiece is now adorably perfumed.

Naturally I didn't think of this myself, the mastermind behind my learning experience is Joanne Sharpe from Letter Love 101 and this is the coolest of classes.  What's so good about it for me is that I can chill out on the couch, pillow behind my back, wrapped up in a snuggly doona, dogs by my side and just get creative.

There's nothing special about these doodles but it makes me feel good, time wasted is not time wasted if you're having heaps of fun.  This is lesson number one only twenty-eight to go.  Just having too much fun.