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13 July, 2011

Comments Can Be So Frustrating

Leaving them that is, I'm still getting used to receiving the odd one or two.
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I hope somebody reads this and comes to my rescue.  I am about to blow a gasket with blogging and attempting to leave comments.  It's like the "Comments Mafia" is on every blog I visit.  I know that in the past bad things have happen to bloggers like others copying content, stealing ideas and other stuff I don't know about.  But what's the go, I thought blogging was about sharing and connecting.  Connecting-  that's a funny word because boy do I have trouble connecting.

One day in order to leave a comment I had to enrol in a thing called 'Discus' which I did because I am such a trusting fool.  Then I came back to my blog a bit later and my comments were missing.  How stressful was that because I only had a few comments and they were so precious to me.  I finally worked out the Discus was the horrible goblin and dealt with the problem immediately.  It was probably something I did wrong but once bitten twice shy.
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I love to leave comments and I never leave a comment for the sake of a comment.  If I don't like what I see I go away, if I like it a little bit but can't deliver a comment of value I leave.  If I fall head over heals with what I'm reading then I comment and I do a damn good job of it too.

Anyone who receives a comment from me gets the real bananas and I would never be rude.  It's my belief that a lot of long time bloggers have been hurt badly in the past with thieves and stuff and hence their blogs are full of web mafia wording which is starting to put me off -  no it's scaring me.

Yes, I would be extremely precious of my tutorials and patterns and everything else I created or made.  (BTW. I was taught at school (by nuns) that you should never use the word 'created' unless in reference to God. Thought I'd add that because I just can't get that out of my poor muddled brainwashed mind!!!)

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Anyway, back to comments. Which brings me to another problem "links" what the!!!.  I need a book, a good book, no a great book that will teach me about comments and links so in the future I don't waste my time on blogs that have so much security I can only participate if I've been I lifelong friend.  I'm a newbie, I'm the typical blogger you want to visit your site, fresh eyes, beautiful, meaningful comments.  Lots to give.  I don't want to steal your work, I'm too good at what I do to bother taking some thing you have screwed down anyway.

As nobody will read this I think I will comment on myself for providing such a delicate, insightful, demonstrative and interesting blog.

Any way, if I can't find a book to help out with comments and links then I'm going to do what I do well and that's all sorts of craft.  Today I think I will knit and live the dream

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  1. Hello frustrated, Love your plushies and what is french knitting? You certainly have been busy. Di

  2. Well Hello Di, Where have you been? Yup I am sooooooo frustrated with this stuff and french knitting is knitting with a bee. I'II take a photo and blog it for you for your next visit.

  3. I have comments on my blog that are not visible unless I approve them. You might have to jump through hoops to add a comment by putting in a weird word. KS is that the kinda security you hate. It's not to stop people stealing my stuff but to avoid rude and irrelevent stuff being added to my comments. I, too appreciate every blog that I receive and hate for them to go away. So sad that happened to you. I enjoy your blog as you do mine. Thanks Deb!

  4. Hi chris! very educational! I didn't know these things could happen. I'm new too. And I like your comment on "create"..ha... I learned that too! love,andrea

  5. Goodness! I didn't know there was this much security out there! As it is I find the whole process of actually leaving the comment time consuming and frustrating. I love to comment - would do it all the time if I could. But, it is time consuming if you love it and put your heart into it as you most certainly do. And then you have to spend way too much time jumping through hoops to leave it.

    I simply will NOT join any site or group or whatever. The default setting for the blog format you have chosen actually makes a person wanting to leave a comment join Blogger. So if the Name/URL setting isn't in place, I won't leave a comment. I will send an e-mail though.

    I think that all this "security" is in place mainly to keep all those miserable little robots and creepy bugs from entering your site through comments and leaving behind most unwelcome things.

    Di and I discovered last winter that somehow the door to my site must have been temporarily open to them and you wouldn't believe the rubbish they left behind.

    So know that the problem isn't so much about protecting Ideas as it is protecting the site from people with bad intentions toward using your bandwith etc.

    I am just getting to know you, but I find you to be a lovely, creative, generous, creative and beautifully expressive person. I am grateful to know you.

  6. Thanks everyone for your feedback, I think I'm starting to get why the security is there, and I guess that the poor souls that have been attacked by nasties have every right to be security conscious. Hope I never come across a nasty, it will probably put me to my bed for a week


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