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These are my two constant companions.
Goldie to the left and Lilly on the right.
Yep, that's how my blog became

Golden Lilly Crafts

My girls are my BFF's

  • Preferred company is me and my dogs
  • When I grow up I want to write a novel
  • I don't ever want to be famous
  • I can't knit, draw or paint but wish I could do the last two
  • Find knitting to be as boring as golf
  • I grow vegetables badly
  • Love gardening
  • Hate gardening
  • Survived a melanoma
  • Love the sun way too much
  • Become a chatter box after a couple of wines
  • Want another dog so I can call him/her George Clooney
  • Read and inhale books, love 'em
  • My second name is Lee and my Communion name is Monica
  • I'm no saint
  • Clean freak and label obsessive
  • I'm good at hand and machine sewing.  I was taught the old fashioned way by Catholic nuns and my mum was a seamstress
  • I'm ordinary at crocheting, it's not as boring as knitting
  • I'm a Piscean, know all I need and want to know about my star sign and clueless about the rest
  • Ordinary to look at, yet so often people stop and say 'hello' thinking they know me, then reckon I look like their BFF
  • Married with two sons
  • Have long hair which I love, my DH likes and my mother hates
  • Born a redhead, transitioned to a golden brown, morphed into a blonde and staying that way
  • Usually cry when the news is on
  • Love all living creatures 
  • Detest bullies, 'cause I've worked with one cruel bastard
  • Am trying to forgive the bastard but hope he gets the karma he deserves