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27 March, 2013

A Crazy Quilt

Machine quilting gives the quilt a bubbly effect

After much huffing and puffing about the effort and constant negative thoughts about how I don't have the time or the patience to make a quilt, last year I finally made a quilt.  In fact, I made one and a half quilts.  This is not my first attempt but compared to what I've produced days gone by this is more like what a quilt should be.  I think!  You see this quilt is as stiff as a board and whilst colourful it lacks the comfort factor, a bit like cold soup.

I never really follow a pattern and have little regard for instructions of any type, [probably because I used to write technical training manuals in my hay-day].  Since I'm not a 'quilter' I decided I really needed to at least watch a couple of videos [absolute preferred way to learn these days] if I were ever going to make a 'real quilt' just like the experts.  

I'm ever so grateful for the videos I've sourced on the Internet and I appreciate the time, skill and energy required to create these masterpieces.  [I appreciate them because I used to make video's on how to use databases ~ OMG so boring how did I ever do it?  I cringe whenever I think about those days], and for this reason I'm addicted to purchasing crafty videos in my quest to learn.

I gave my cardboard crazy quilt to my MIL and she really appreciates it and I know it will one day be re-gifted back to me.  I'm mortified that it's not snugly and smoochy and cozy and warm and as comforting as a bowl of soup, but at least I quashed the negative thoughts and got on with the job and FINISHED IT.

My next adventure into the world of high tech teaching videos is MIXED MEDIA.  I just have to get into the zone [whatever that is?] and create something that gives me a warm glow all over.  It's exciting, can't wait to share. 

22 March, 2013

A Picture Book

Nothing better to do today but clean out some cupboards and what a nice surprise to find these cute treasures.  The book that I took these photos from date back to about 1951 and whilst the binding has all but disintegrated the pages within have survived the test of time.