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07 October, 2011

I've Been Ridiculously Busy Today With Sixteen Paws

Well really I’ve been ridiculously busy this week not just today.  What is the cause of this you ask?  Well, thanks for the question.  Here's my response. 

I’ve been babysitting my BFF’s two big dogs, plus I have my own two little dogs hence making my days a bit hectic this week.  Worse than having the grand kids over I can tell you, BTW I don’t have grand kids but if I did I can imagine that they would be a handful.

Rosie wants more toys

Putting four dogs in the backyard that get on really well together (when they are not eating) I would have thought meant sublime happiness.  Nope, it didn’t work out that way.  I had a guard of honour for every bathroom stop, if I went inside the house four wet noses rubbed against the door.  If I worked in the garden, sixteen paws were digging with me.  Apparently I was showing them how to dig by example.
Tilly wants someone to play ball with.  Who could that be?

Dogs do not entertain themselves, they want to be entertained.  They want to be cuddled, have long belly scratches, and even longer behind the ear scratches.  When they get tired they just drop and sleep, when I get tired I get nudged into action.

Is that the sun in Lilly's eyes?  Nope, she wants a nap on this sun lounge I'm sitting on.
Did I mention they like to lick my toes; yup, my toes!   Let’s just stop there, these canines are needy, sometimes smelly and often noisy but I love them dearly and despite my complaining they can come and stay at my place any time they want.  No swimming allowed.

Lilly and Tilly after a tough day by the pool.

Rosie is out for the count.

Goldie is the shy one, and she is overwhelmed by all the going's on.

And of course not that I have a cat, but if a cat were brave enough to live at my house I think it might just have this to say.


  1. Love this posting and yes...the cat would say that. Come check out Sookie Horn at

  2. This was a funny post! Glad I stopped by your blog today Chris! :)

  3. Hopping from Katherines corner!

    Love your puppies! ;D

  4. I love this post! The photos of your fur babies are terrific. I miss my dog so much ( I had her for 11 years). I am hoping next year to adopt a pup. We have to build a fence in the backyard first. Thank you for linking up at The Thursday Favorite Things Hop xo

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments and visiting I will return your kindness 2moro I am so tired right now. BYE BYE

  6. Your post had me laughing out loud, I know about the following from room to room, even as I'm sitting here...those sweeties deserve those hugs and scratches and you deserve a rest!

  7. hello chris,
    what a funny post.rosie is sweet.all the pictures are beautiful!!!!
    have a nice weekend,

  8. My pet-loving daughter thinks your dogs are adorable and she wants me to tell you. Her favorite is Rosie, "so smiley" :)

  9. Your post made me laugh! They look so cute all worn out on the couch from playing. I do have a cat, and the expression on the cat in the photo pretty much reflects her general demeanour around my own two dogs.

  10. Hi, Chris

    Love your pets! Thank you for stopping by last week on Friday at home sweet butterfly. I appreciate your kinds words.


  11. 16 paws??!!?! That's CRAZY busy! Thanks for visiting me today ... I just posted an amazing art giveaway, so please come back and enter :)


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