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22 June, 2011

No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye, I'm Late For a Very Important Date!

I have to hurry because the course with Diane finishes tomorrow.  Or today or the day after that; depends where in the world everyone lives.
I've managed to communicate with 7 of the 23 class mates.  It does take time; I thought I could do it in about 3 hours.  What was I thinking?  Not clearly that’s for sure.

I've been tantalised and seduced by an overwhelming mix of exceptionally creative and artistic people that prior to this course, I didn't know existed.  In some cases I’ve been so overwhelmed by what people are doing that I’ve been left speechless and I will need to return to their blogs once I can absorb the enormity of what they are doing.

I’ve actually visited everyone, but my challenge to communicate with each one individually is taking time because this is a value challenge. 

Chatting in the Sapa Market

It’s not about idle chit chat, it’s about seeking out likeminded class mates, (who just happen to be all women), and ensure they have a real sense of what their contribution to craft, artistry and creativity has impacted on me on a personal level and that I so appreciate their contribution to the craft world. 

Sewing in a Tribal Village - Sapa Vietnam
This value challenge has filled me with an unbelievable happiness that I am glad has become bigger than Texas because it’s just going to continue and will by my motivation and inspiration for a long time to come.  I am of no importance, and I am not trying to portray myself as an expert or critic.  I just love what everyone is doing around the world. 


  1. Finding wonderfully creative and skilled people - crafters and artists - you are right - it is exhilarating and overwhelming. Enjoy the trip!

  2. This is fantastic what a project I look forward to reading about the wonderful talent you find out there.
    There are amazing talents to be found in blogger land. B


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