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17 June, 2011

Today I'm Thinking About

Flower Pot Cosy    Link Back to DOWN TO EARTH

From This Sad Little Flower Pot

With a few scraps of material lying around, I made these ...................................


  1. Now that's clever! I can never think up such things but I admire people like you who can.

    BTW, you forgot to leave your link at Rhonda's, I found you through your profile.

  2. So pretty! From a person who isn't crafty at all, I am filled with admiration.

  3. thank you for stopping by
    http://blessing the elements-mi.blogspot/
    I enjoyed my visit to your blog as well...very cute covers for the flower pots...

  4. How good is that! What a lovely idea - thanks so much for sharing!!!

  5. Hi Christine, I read your comment on my blog and thought, wow she's so right, what am I waiting for??!!
    After reading your profile & having a look around your blog I can see where this "go for it" attitude comes from, extremely motivating. Love your pots, what a great way to cheer the place up as we head into winter! Thanks for the visit


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