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25 June, 2011

Value Challenge is Complete - Yippee

Now I Can Get Back To Sewing or Gardening - whatever!

But I just have to mention that I completed my "Value Challenge".
In a blog recently I've set myself a Value Challenge I decided to contact all my class mates (turned out to be 18 creative and talented individuals)  via their blogs, take ten minutes to look around and then contact them, introduce myself and say hello.

I estimated it would take me about 3 to 4 hours.  I was living in "fantasy" land because it actually took me about  14 hours over several days.  One problem as a new blogger, I kept getting lost with all the different pages open.  Then I'd close the wrong pages etc, etc.  But it was a challenge worth doing because it was nice to see how extremely talented my fellow class mates are.

If you want to undertake an on-line class that delivers what it says it will in an informative and professional manner then head over to Diane at Crafty Pod and have a look around.  There's an easy to see link there "Take My Classes".  You won't be disappointed.

Today is Sunday and it's gardening day.

So I'm off to tackle the last of the rose bushes and I wonder which of us will win this Sunday.  Last Sunday the roses won, because I ended up with an infected thumb.  Yup, my tetanus vaccination is update since when I was in Hanoi in March this year I stood on a rusty nail!!!


  1. Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog! Time for me to look around here :)

  2. I ended up removing 18 rose bushes from my garden. I feel bad, but they were just getting way to hard to manage. I'm left with four very special roses that will not be difficult to prune.


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