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26 June, 2011

Living Art - A Childhood Memory

I've been thinking about if this project is really worthy of putting out there, but it got inside my head and just wouldn't let up until I did something about it.

Hey, if you like it, it has to be one of the most wonderful opportunities to share a garden and a craft at the same time with restless kids and I guarantee everyone will get something out of it.

Firstly, I have this fantastic memory of a craft I was taught at school and our homework was to complete the project and bring it to school the next day.  The best submission would be announced during art class.

This crafty project appealed to my artistic senses therefore I dedicated hours after school making my living art.  I can't remember how old I was, but it’s an extremely strong memory.  I went to a very strict all girl Catholic school educated by devout nuns so any suggestion of a reward such as a lollypop was excellent motivation to do my homework.  I also think I was born to be creative so it was only natural that I would treat this project with the utmost dedication.

Well, about a month ago it was beautiful day and I wanted to be crafty but I wanted to be outside enjoying the sunshine.  I didn’t want to work in my garden so I decided to re-live my childhood memory and make this.

Well, it’s this – hope I haven’t disappointed

Version One

What I achieved this time around is not close to what I made at school, but unfortunately being winter in Australia I had few suitable flower buds to use from my garden.

This is how I did it

 You need a small plate or dish, old scissors or garden secateurs, cotton wool, small flower heads and water.  It's fun to get a basket and walk around the garden with or without the kids to find the flowers to use.

 Put the cotton wool onto the plate and wet it until it's mushy.

Then play and have fun, make the design  in whatever way makes you happy.  I had to use some small stones this time because like I said, I don't have many small flowers that I could use.

Version Two

I put some very sweet smelling green tips from a shrub I have no clue what it's called and then in the very middle I put some tips from cacti that was looking a bit sick and was happy to be taken away from it's misery and put to use.

I'm not normally one to boast, but I won the lolly/candy!

So, What do you think?  Can anyone else remember doing this craft as a kid?


  1. I haven't ever seen any craft like that before. I can imagine how wonderful it felt for you to be outside being creative. The outcome is interesting as well. I'd love to try it with colorful flowers seeing that colour is my thing.

  2. It can be a lot of fun and yes if you have the flowers collecting and arranging is the best part. The other great thing about it is that it last a lot longer than cut flowers as long as you keep the cotton wool moist.

  3. Hi - nice to meet you, thanks for the comment on my blog - hope you get to that "staff meeting". This craft activity is new to me ... in primary school we actually had a dedicated sewing teacher - pretty lucky in hindsight - though she was on the strict and conservative style - we all worked really hard on our hand stitching.

  4. You have reminded me of some of the happiest memories from my childhood.

    Sitting under our huge old English Walnut tree making mud pies. I can still feel how wonderfully pliable and warm the mud felt in my hands.

    And making a forest moss garden outside my tent at GS camp. I spent the whole afternoon gathering and placing - fully and completely absorbed.

    And I sense that this is also what you experienced as your returned to this childhood craft - a sense of being fully and completely absorbed into what you were creating.

    Thank you for renewing my memories!


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