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24 June, 2011

A Dog's Breakfast

I've got two Jack Russell teenagers, Lilly and Goldie. I can hear your mind turning over.  There's something familiar about their names, you say!  Let me know when you work it out.

 Any way, when Lilly is not getting enough attention she eats her blanket.  Well, it's not just her blanket she has to share it with her sister, Goldie.

This is what said blanket looked like.  Goldie is the model in this pic.

Just wait till I get my paws on my sister

This is what said blanket looks like now.  It's nothing flashy, but lots warmer.  I used up all those granny squares and bits and pieces that were just gathering dust.

Well, it's better than what it was!

It was impossible to work with this blanket because both dogs freaked out every time i attempted to mend it and wanted to snuggle up in it. 

This is the culprit.  How guilty does she look?

I didn't do it.


  1. So cute, the dogs and the mended blanket! so funny too, that both love the blanket (although one loves it too much and chews it!) love,andrea

  2. Hi Chris Thank you for joining my blog. I love this post it is very funny. Nice creative way to fix it. My dog ripped apart our couch one time when we were away. It was so bad we could not fix it at all. It s nice to read your blog. B

  3. Hi Chris, it's great to see you've saved their blankie for them for some time to come! It's a shame to see things go to waste and you've not only stopped the blanket from shredding further, but used up your "patches" as well. Very inspiring, and I think any further patching required will only make it look better still! Well done! Thanks too for following my blog, it's nice to know who's out there.

  4. Hi Andrea, Buttons and Princessscarecrow thanks for your comments, wait till you see what I've got for next Friday. "What's on your mind" I've come up with something that I hope will have you laughing around the floor because it involves, my newly planted veggie patch, my dogs and something else!! I've been working in my garden all day, and I have that rosy glow that comes with fresh air and hard work.


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