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24 October, 2011

The Slap - What's the fuss all about?

I've just finished reading "The Slap" by Christos Tsiolkas.  It had me spellbound from beginning to end.  As well as having devoured the book, I'm watching the eight part drama series on the ABC.

So many issues come to a fine old head throughout this drama.  Particularly the backyard BBQ where it all started.  How many family and friends get into a right old pickle when they've had a few too many drinks, got personal issues and perhaps, just perhaps not everyone gets on that well.  Add a bit of weed and a few happy pills to the mix and the day is not going to turn out all sunshine and roses.

The story raises a plethora of social issues.  Yep, there really is a slap to a child, the book wasn't given this name just to suck you in.  I felt a bit uncomfortable that readers might construe this story as typically Australian, honestly it can happen anywhere.

There's heaps of hard core swearing as well, so you need to get past that if you want to experience "The Slap".

That's the book now for the TV series.  I do not want to watch the drama on TV with my mother in the room.  No sirree, no way hosay!   Way too uncomfortable for me.  Is that another issue the story raises?  No, that's my very own personal issue, not something you have to worry about.  If you get the chance have a read, it's not going to give you sleepless nights, just get you thinking about some real social issues.



  1. I don't think they're showing this here... but I'm curious about the book for sure. Your first line about what neighbors have said or done after too much to drink at a bbq made me think back. Could be said the same for company picnics!

  2. Yep Janet company picnics will do it too.

  3. This was one of our bookclub reads last year and it was a fabulous choice bringing up much heated discussion amongst the group.

    I actually felt like I was being slapped at several points whilst reading the book so wasn't entirely jumping over myself to watch the TV adaptation. Captain V [who hasn't read the book] was keen to watch it though and I'm so glad that he's encouraged me to as we're both really engrossed by it and have long discussions afterwards.

    I usually watch it on my own on Thursdays as he's at sport then do a catch up with him via iView when we have a quiet night together.

    Great post....hope you do get to watch the TV adaptation...I couldn't watch it with my parents/inlaws either.


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