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19 October, 2011

My Garden's In Harmony

My son tells me I read so much and so quickly that I ‘inhale’ books.  He’s right; I love the smell of books and paintings.  I can spend an entire day in an old book shop smelling the books and when I visit an art gallery I smell the paintings.  I inhale antique shops too.  I would hate to lose my sense of smell, take away my eyes and ears but please leave my nose alone. 

The weather today is hot and windy and I know that my precious garden struggles with these conditions.  I lovingly mulched my entire garden two weeks ago; it helps during these sluggish, hot and windy days.  I’ve been nurturing my garden for ten years now and it’s no longer a baby it’s a young and boisterous child.  I have to tidy it, trim the edges, and provide food and water and lots of love.  Oh how I love my garden.  Oh how it makes me works so hard for that love.

With my nose on high alert I take a stroll around my garden sniffing the breeze, picking up the orange blossom perfume and the lemon balm and crushing some lavender in my hands to release the minty aroma.  

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I peek at the cauliflowers and see a beautiful white caulie protected in the folds of the plant like a mother holding her child in her arms.  The broad beans are waving in the wind and sharing a moment with my ruby rose bud.  

The silver beet towers over the tiny carrot seedlings protecting them from the wild wind and searing sun.  Celery lives contentedly beneath the old grape vine alas a youngberry bush is threatening to consume the vine and the celery.  Coriander and basil sway in harmony and the sweet peas dance in rhythm to the howling hot wind, slowly they go.  

The olive tree stands majestically centre stage, proudly displaying young fruit.  In the heat of summer it will burst forth with olives, it never lets me down.  

The Freesias and Boronia have settled back into the earth to re-energise for another year.  They did me so proud and how I miss them.  

The cumquat tree is bearing fruit and will take their place willingly.The perfume in my garden continues to intoxicate me and I have to drag myself inside. 

 Goodbye lemon tree, till this evening Miss Daphne.  Don’t get cross Miss Gardenia the wind will soon settle and you can doze in the afternoon sun.


  1. Chris this is gorgeous, your photos and your love of the garden and its scents. Thank you so much for this. Here, we are heading towards winter with the brown grass and bare trees, so it's very nice to see your radiant garden.

  2. Thank you New End, I keep sharing my garden at different times of the year just 'cause I can.

  3. Your garden is wonderful, Chris!

    I can so relate to reading a good book quickly and the smell of books in antique stores. :o)

  4. Thanks Cheryl, it's raining today and my garden is not only in harmony but enjoying a refreshing bath.

  5. Such a treat to wander your garden with you! Already a follower, just hopping from Katherine's Corner this Thursday. Hugs, GraceinAZ

  6. You have a wonderful garden Chris! Everything looks great. I am a new Follower of your Blog. Take care.

  7. Thanks Grace and Judy enjoyed your blogs immensely.

  8. Wow, Chris, your photos are beautiful. And I also inhale books (both reading and smelling!) I'm excited to read your blog - I hopped over here from Katherine's Corner this Thursday!

  9. How lovely your garden is. Your photos and description are so wonderful I can smell it, too!

  10. Hi, Chris

    I love that you love books. I love to look at books too. So glad you stop by today, I really appreciate it. Have a bless week.


  11. Hi Chris, Thanks for following. I'm following you back from the Blog Hop!

  12. Oh what a beautiful garden you have Chris! I enjoyed taking the tour I could almost smell it. I know what your son means about books, I ma a sponge I love to read. I wish I had more time to do so. I am enjoying the current book club selection and U have two books waiting to be read and reviewed. Thank you for sharing the blog hop your are wonderful!! xo

  13. I wish I had the desire, time, and skill to read like you!

  14. Inhale books - that's a classic line, I love it!!


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