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29 October, 2011

Fabric Origami

I went to the Craft and Sewing Show in Melbourne last week and discovered a new craft. Well, it's a new craft to me.  

Participants at this 'make and take' workshop were able to learn how to do Japanese Origami (paper-folding) on fabric not on paper!  Using special kimono-printing fabric I was patiently shown how to fold and twist and turn fabric measuring approximately 50cm long and 15cm wide,

Starting with this

into this pretty Origami Kimono.  It wasn't easy but with some help from the experts  Mariko Ikeda and Daisuke Ikeda I was able to transform a length of fabric into this kimono shown below.  Mariko Ikeda is a quilt artist specialising in origami fabric folding.  In time my little piece of folded fabric will become a quilted wall hanging.  

Ended up with this

Patchwork Mariko Japan have a blog here.You can read about traditional kimono's here.  I found some lovely traditional kimono's on Pinterest for your viewing pleasure.  Gorgeous works of art.


  1. They are just beautiful!!!!!!!! I am mad for Japanese kimonos and relics.

  2. I love these. The are so beauitful! Worskhops like these are so good for the soul.

  3. That fabric is pretty and the project you're going to make of it will be vibrant and unique!

  4. Thanks Deb, Shannon, Cheryl and Gloria have enough silk material to make about three more, but they are quite difficult to fold.

  5. These are so beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  6. I couldn't connect through your email link and wanted to let you know that you've received an award, the post is on my blog today!

  7. Wow, this is a new one for me as well. I had never heard of origami with fabric until now. It's beautiful!


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