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04 November, 2011

White Kangaroo's Find New Homes In America

As part of a Christmas decoration swap that I'm participating in with a bunch of great friends at The Hive, I finally said a sad farewell to thirteen of my kangaroo decorations.  I thought I'd never get them finished.  They're all hand sewn, each decoration has lots and lots of sequences sewn to the body to make them look festive and special. and they each carry a little Christmas stocking.

It was sad taking them down from the tree but I'm sure they'll find lovely homes on the other side of the world.  If you'd like the pattern for my darling kangaroos you can get it here.

Here they are all lined up ready to go into the Express Post bag. Did someone say 'roll over'? It was a struggle getting them in the bag, they weren't that keen.

I've still got some more to make for friends and another Christmas decoration swap so I better get back to it.


  1. What beautiful snow white boomers! Whoever receives them will be very lucky.

  2. How cute they are! I loved them all lined up in a row.

  3. Thought you had been awfully quiet lately!

    OMG these are adorable. I can't stand it. Just have to make one for my tree. The PDF is excellent, thank you for making the effort for us.

    Oh - Doreen says hello. She is quite happy being the total center of attention!

  4. They're off to see the world, they're so cute.

  5. I love Christmas themes that are a fresh take on the traditional..and funny because today I was walking around town..and looking at the christmas displays,...and I was enjoying the more unusual animal ornaments..and then I see your lovely blog post.. :)

  6. These are so cute, are they mystical Kangaroos, like the white Lions of Timbavati. Curious what made you think of making them, so creative.

  7. You are truly amazing and these little Skippies are fabulous.

    Sending you a happy hug and congratulations on your achievement.

    Felicity x


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