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17 August, 2011

When The Dogs Come To Play

It can be bedlam at my house when the dogs come to play
Just as well I have a big back yard
They all love lots of running
Rosie likes lots of laughing
Panda likes lots of waiting 
Tilly likes lots of hiding
Goldie likes lots of television
Lilly like lots of snacking
When nobody is looking, a bit of napping


  1. Cute! A busy dog day! I like the dog used to eat those big chews constantly (ours was pig's ears from costco...yours looks similar) and now she won't chew anything! I also like the waiting. love,andrea

  2. Oh, I guess it is the hiding i like! (not the waiting).

  3. How fun! That's a lot of happy looking dogs!

  4. ADORABLE! Woof! Woof! These look like some amazing and happy go lucky doggies!

  5. I love how you've described each dog!! My three are the same - each with their own personality and special likes. Duke likes guarding best of all, Marnie likes snuffling and kissing best of all (takes after her mummy!) and Nina likes singing best of all. And kitty cat Mandu (Kathmandu) likes terrorizing doggies and playing in brown paper bags best of all :-)


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