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18 August, 2011

Friday What's on my mind

Today's blog is all about linking back to Rhonda from Down To Earth once you have enjoyed my blog.  Or if you are visiting from Down To Earth I hope you can stay awhile and get to know me.

I have been recycling tablecloths my MIL gave me many months ago.  I don't use tablecloths but as I use lots of tea towels and was in great need of a large oven mitt, I got this tablecloth out of the cupboard.

I set about cutting it up using the outside section for tea towels.  I got four tea towels from this one cloth.

And from the centre section of the table cloth I made a large oven mitt.  There's three different shots of the oven mitt because I'm not sure if you can see it clearly.  The two ends allow me to put my hands in and it's wide enough to lift a large pan from the oven.  I managed to burn my one and only other oven mitt.

I love my tabletop too much to cover it with anything but I'm learning to use what materials I have in the house and recycle rather than rush out and purchase a replacement oven mitt.  Plus I got extra tea towels.  Plus I got the size oven mitt that I wanted.  If I can do it, anyone can.

Have a great day and don't forget to visit Rhonda and also check out some of the other contributors on her blog.


  1. chris, I am so proud of you. What a great project and the oven mitt is excellent. I love it. I am sewing today too. Keep up the good work love!

  2. Chris, what an awesome idea!! It is all to easy to think you want something then rush out and buy it, so I applaud you for going simple and recycling your table cloth :) p.s had a quick look at your blog, I'll be popping in later to have another look, you've got some awesome tips :) thanks for sharing! Regards, Ruth

  3. That's interesting fabric...where did it come from, Chris?

    I'm sewing today...a Christmas Book made from fabric panels a dear friend sent me last year but I haven't had the confidence to cut up before today. It will make a lovely gift for this little tot and her 3 yr old sister.


  4. Thanks for stopping by B.T.E..I enjoyed your post today as well .:)
    ~~Peace & Love~~

  5. Thanks for visiting today everyone.


  6. Great ideas. I need to make an oven mitt too. Love your blog.

  7. That's a good idea! Now I will start saving tablecloths. love,andrea

  8. hi chris,
    what a wonderful idea!!!! i love it.
    have a wonderful weekend,


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