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16 August, 2011

Happy Hour

Finished reading The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet,

Drinking freshly brewed tea,

Listening to the rain outside and dogs snoring at my feet,

Best friends with the English Dictionary,

Following baxter street and watching Sister Wendy video,

Planning to clean up the house but not too much,

Commenced re-reading Pride and Prejudice, just because I can,

Hoping to invent a beautiful dinner tonight for my two sons,

Sewing a new oven mitt because I burnt my one and only last night,

Discarded a large pot of lemon marmalade jam because it didn't set and I don't know how to make it,

Have to get out of my PJ's - Jane Austen would be horrified,

Hope you get to have a happy hour like me.



  1. That is cute! I like the dogs snoring. That is a soothing sound! I have a sister wendy art book for children. (somewhere...haven't seen it for a while around here!) love,andrea

  2. Sounds like a perfect Happy Hour! cheers!


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