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01 September, 2011

Perfume, Sunshine, My Garden is Springing

Snow White watches over a lavendar plant
Well, in Australia it's the first day of Spring.  It's a cloudy day so far, maybe some rain later.  Walking around my garden with a cuppa in one hand and camera in the other, the sun comes out to greet me.  Warm sun, delightful fragrances wafting through the air, best friends Lilly and Goldie romping around in the dewy grass and birds in full voice.  There's an orchestra out there.

I don't know what this plant is but it's related to a weed I'm sure.  I do remember that I bought home one tiny cutting of this plant when I was visiting a friend.  That had to be 10 years ago and now it's every where.  At spring time it comes into it's own glory, so it can stay but has to be gently guided in the right direction regularly.

Evidence of the sunshine, just in case you don't believe me.  Truly, truly the sun was shining.

Bird House Tree
This is one of the many trees I have and seems to be housing a large flock of birds.  Unfortunately, not native birds, they are the non-native Myna birds and whilst I would never hurt them, I don't like them.  They are mean and nasty nest invaders.  They are also swooping like crazy at the moment.  I don't even care to take their photo, that's how much I dislike them.

Miss Jasmine
This Jasmine creeper is contained in a tidy corner.  As you enter the backyard the perfume invades ones senses.  I adore the perfume, some find it a bit too much.  What ever, Miss Jasmine is in all her glory at the moment.

Miss Nectarine Blossom

This is my nectarine tree just starting to blossom.  She gives beautiful fruit each year, but it's a race between me and the birds.  Probably those damn Myna birds.  Other visitors range from Rainbow Lorikeet and Honey Birds (don't know their proper name) Kookaburra, Magpie, Bellbird, Ravens and heaps more.

Mr Olive Tree
This mighty warrior might not look much presently, but he is my sensational Olive Tree.  He is the master of my garden.  Every summer he is laden with fruit and he calls out - "Chris get these blasted olives off my branches thank you very much".  His companions are Kangaroo Paw (Yellow and Red) but they won't appear until summer.  Then they flower so quietly that I might not see them straight away.  They are so shy.

Miss Smelly
This purple ground cover daisy likes to drape her tendrils over the rocks and onto the driveway.  She is a sunbather but not such a sweet smelling kinda gal.  Still her beauty outweighs her odour - um it's the best way to describe her.

White Willow
I love this other ground cover which is nearby to miss smelly daisy but alas if I don't get out there soon and get rid of the weeds which are threatening to overtake her she will be no longer.  I call her White Willow but that's not her botanical name.  Have no clue what that is.

Heaven Scent
My new Boronia is standing by my back door because I can't get enough of her perfume, mingle Boronia with Freesia sitting in the herb garden nearby and what do you get? 
 Heaven, that's what you get.

A lonely Cumquat

Well, yes she is lonely at the moment but Rhonda from Down To Earth told me how to remove some branches to give more air and light and she is now well on the way to producing a bountiful crop this summer.
Mr I saw you a mile off foolish shopper

The garden shop saw me coming when I purchased this punnet of brocolli.  I had it in the veggie patch about a week when it started to flower and then go to seed.  What the heck!  Any way, this demonstrates my limited skills when it comes to vegetable growing, but I will not be fooled again.  In the meantime, he can stay because I like his flowers and so do the bees.  I'm embarrassed but not shaken.

Thanks for visiting - hope you like my garden family


  1. Thanks for the trip around your garden :) I'm full up of a nasty cold at the moment so am stuck on the couch for our first day of spring, so it was lovely to view your photos and find a little ray of sunshine :) Regards, Ruth

  2. Seeing your boronia has made me realize what is missing this spring. I had a lovely big one that had come to the end of it's short life during winter and snapped off it's rotted stump during a windy. I have forgotten to replace it. Now I must!


  3. Hi! Your spring must be warmer then our spring opening day! You have an abundant amount of spring plants. And the one which went to seed, if it brings bees, that will be even better for your gardens! I look forward to seeing your gardens as we go into fall in a few weeks. love,andrea

  4. How beautiful! I can't imagine the first day of spring here (in Alberta, Canada) being anything but a blustery, cold and snowy day! The scent, colour and warmth on your face must warm your heart and lift your spirit! Simply spendid!

  5. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. I'm a bit self indulgent when it comes to my garden and Spring is my favourite time of year. I've really enjoyed each of your blogs today. TFS

  6. Just gorgeous....I stood at the garden centre inhaling the jasmine this's perfume must be my favourite...what joy a garden can give.

  7. I loved the tour of your garden. I am learning so much as I travel the world. So many new things I have never heard of in my simple days in the desert southwest USA.

    Have a wonderful spring...I am heading towards autumn but delight in somewhere always one has beautiful weather!!


  8. hi chris,
    your gardentour is a feast for my eyes.i like the parfume of jasmine.
    we have cold nights but sunny days,
    fall is in the air.thanks for the garden tour.
    have a wonderful weekend,
    love regina


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