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08 September, 2011

Art Cloth Doll - WIP

I've been struggling with my third art doll.  Where has my creative mojo gone?
I've made about eight faces and four arms.
Make that six arms, I've finally settled on the best of  the three sets.
I experimented with all kinds of ideas for the arms, and these are the rejects.

The heads are another story, because I can't paint, as you can well see.  But I have been practising, lots and lots.  These are three of the best of the rejects, I am too embarrassed to show the rest.

Here's the gorgeous gal, waiting patiently for me to do her justice.  I've got heaps to do and hope by putting my current effort "out there" that I can get motivated and find my creativity to finish her.  I think I'll call her Angel because she will be so angelic once she has some beautiful clothes to wear.

Hope to get her finished by the end of the week because she's doing my head in.  I so wish I could paint.


  1. You are amazing. I would love to have your talent at making soft toys and dolls. Your art doll is gorgeous already!

  2. Beautiful body on that doll. I think the bodies are the hardest! love,andrea

  3. Oh Wow! I love your dolls. Absolutely amazing work. I've done sevral of these in the past and I'm inspired by your site to try again. The faces seem to be hardest for me but yours is awesome.


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