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30 August, 2011

Rock-A-Bye Baby

About a month ago I purchased this Dala Horse fabric from Carina at Carina's Craftblog.  The fabric arrived two days ago, I had been waiting so long.  That's what happens when you live 'down-under'!  Anyway, I just had to make something there and then and seeing I have a little niece arriving in the world mid-October, I thought, can't have too many baby bibs.

The one above is for a 3 month old baby and it has velcro fastening with a bright yellow fleece backing, with blanket stitch edging.

This one above is for a 6 month old baby and pulls straight over the precious little head, it's got a bright yellow fleece backing as well with an easy to pull on stretch-knit neck, again with blanket stitch edging.

And this bib is for a 9 month old baby and has the same bright yellow fleece backing with velcro fastening and machine stitching around the edge.  All made super durable, with speed in mind because I remember how my children were crafty dodgers when it came to wearing bibs.  Get 'em on quick and get 'em off just as quick.

Well, I can't help myself, I made this fibre filled ball awhile ago, with the arrival of my niece in mind.

And for the unborn babies big sister, I made this, Mali the elephant.  Little miss 3 year old will get Mali, so she doesn't feel left out.


  1. Those are beautiful! I like the different bib types for the different ages...and you do a perfect job! love,andrea

  2. Terrific job! I know I was on a baby sewing kick a few years ago and it is so much fun! Your elephant and bibs and ball are so cute. So thoughtful of you to make a toy for little sister, too!

  3. That fabric is precious! The bibs are so cute!

  4. What Fabulous crafting! Great ideas for practical gifts, I was constantly running out of bibs when my boys were babies. I love your talent, Mali is just wonderful and I'm sure will be very loved. I have just gotten a sewing machine from a friends mum, I hope one day I can sew as fabulously as you do :) Regards, Ruth @

  5. How sweet are your bibs? The toys are gorgeous.
    I love Carina's blog and Feeling Stitchy too

    And Ruth I hope you do master that sewing's such a handy skill to have.


  6. OMG
    ! First you surprise me with those adorable Dala bibs! And then when i get to the bottom of the post there is the cutest elephant I ever saw!

    I believe you are a natural born soft toy designer!

    Your lucky, lucky niece will love this little guy forever.


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