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23 August, 2011

My Favourite Blogs

Photo belongs to GLC
I have so many favourite blogs I get excited just thinking about them.  At present I don't know the owners from a bar of soap but I’m slowly getting to know them and even like them.  Strange how this new-fangled web works.  You meet the nicest people.  I know; I know; sometimes you meet creepy people too, but I haven't had the privilege yet and I’m keen for them to leave me alone thank you.

Photo belongs to GLC
I started today going through my blog roll and well all I can say is everyone is hard at it - blogging that is and doing an amazing job – well, except me of course because I spend so much time following and commenting everyone I run out of time to do stuff that will make YOU want to follow ME.

BTW I think I have finally worked out the commenting dilemma I had some weeks back.  If anyone is reading this, I’ve worked out that you have to comment heaps and if you’re lucky you might, just might get an acknowledged comment.  No holding your breath, it might not happen.  By you I mean me of course.
Thanks Clip Art
One thing I have discovered is that if you are a high profile blogger, you just ignore the little folk like me.  That’s okay, one day I will be a famous blogger but I won’t do the same.  No, no, not me.  I will sit at my computer and talk to you all, even  if I have to stay awake 24/7, because I know how hard it is to take the time to visit and leave a worthy comment.

Any way I bet you’re just about sick with anxiety wondering what I’m babbling about.  Well, I just wanted to share some good blogs and if, my dear blogger I have not put you in this blog it’s not that you’re not good, it’s a time thing.  You will get mentioned in the fullness of time, because I love what all of you do, otherwise I would not visit so much.

Crafty Pod is doing some fun stuff like a craft along with Mr Gorgeous Gene Kelly.
Photo via Crafty Pod
If you are not already familiar with Jodie at Ric Rac then I suggest you take a peak.  Particularly at this post experiments-in-screen-printing if you love Dr Who check it out, even if you're not so keen, she has made Mr Dr Who look incredibly handsome.  She is a hard working funny young lady and she is very kind and sharing.

Photo via Ric Rac
Also, one of Australia’s top bloggers and highly accredited crafter is Pip at Meet Me At Mikes.  I know if you follow my blog I’m always going on about Pip.  I love her work, what can I say.  I promise to leave her alone after today, but if you feel inclined, take a peek at her blog, this is a goodie a peek-at-some-pom-poms.

Photo belongs to GLC
Well, that’s it, time for a sunny walk and then I have some herbs to plant.  Have a wonderful day or night whoever you are or where ever you live.

I live here  

Um, I don't live in the tree, this tree lives beside my letterbox and I live down the drive in a house.


  1. very cute post! And, my youngest daughter is crazy over dr. who. she watches it all the time on netflix. In fact, I told her she should start a dr. who club at school and now she has taken that seriously.

  2. We love Dr Who also but the old Dr Who the latest one is a bit, well I think I am just an old stick in the mud. But how handsome is Jodie's Dr Who?

  3. Wow I love that tree! I used to live in a climate that trees grew so large, but now I live in the desert of New Mexico, USA. Now things are less grande and one has to really look to find the beauty.

    Have a lovely day.


  4. Chris, Thanks for the inclusion in your post - and always happy to share some Dr who love !(especially david tennant).


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