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25 August, 2011

Polymer Orchids - made by me

I've participated in a number of wonderful classes learning to make 'air dried' polymer clay orchids using the traditional Thai method "Dok Mai Jark Dinh". 

Patti, my teacher can be found here at patty clay flowers, there's even of photo of me and Patti on her site and I am absolutely focused on what Patti is saying.  Lately, I 've been thinking about having another go [on my own] at this wonderful craft.  I've got all the equipment, even still have some of Patti's special clay.

The classes were great fun, we were all their for much the same reason and that was to learn an exciting new craft, get to know new people and take some time out for ourselves.  

Patti has designed hundreds of orchids and she is a regular exhibitor at The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.  That's where I met Patti and you can't help but be charmed by her and overwhelmed by her flowers.  

Cattleya Orchid

Dendrobium Orchids

Slipper Orchid


  1. Very nice work! They look like lovely, delicate, real blooms

  2. Wow! They look really neat. love,andrea


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