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23 August, 2011

Inspiration comes in many forms

Easy Crochet Slippers
The pattern was designed by Pip from  Meet Me At Mikes .  They are so easy to make, I've actually made two pair.  The pattern is clearly embedded in my head I hope to make more for friends.  Pippy Slippers pattern can be found here.

Lavendar Heart Pillow
As part of the Dala Horse Craftalong I purchased this pattern from Carina's Craft Blog and after having some fun with the embroidery pattern decided to make a lavender heart pillow.  This was an easy pattern to work with and could be modified to suit your own style.  The possibilities of what you can make with this design are endless.

Brilliant Bread
I found this great recipe for Brilliant Bread from Cath at Elastic Mom.  Again, another simple recipe and it tasted great.  What I liked most is that I could improvise and add whatever I had in the cupboard in the way of herbs and spices.  Or I could make a sweet version if I wanted.  Check out the recipe for yourself at Elastic Mom.

Mother Earth
Last but not least, I just have to give Mother Earth a round of applause for the beautiful day she presented today in Australia.  Ipicked these Freesias from my garden but only did it once the sun went down as they were all facing towards the sun in adoration.  They are now in the house and the perfume wafts throughout.  Picking these glorious flowers means more will pop up tomorrow and the next day and many more days to come.  Thanks Mother Earth and everyone else that has inspired me today.


  1. The lavendar pillow really caught my eye- it really inspires me to get out my embroidery stuff and play a little. Great design and project

  2. nice! you are very have inspired me to get working on learning needlepoint!!! love,andrea

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments, I also have been inspired to do more embroidery, it can be so relaxing and rewarding.

  4. Wonderful many fun and fab shares! Thanks for popping by over at POP ART MINIS today too! :)

  5. Lucky woman, having freesias. I love them especially those ones!

  6. dear chris,
    i like the crochet slipper.
    the sweet heart is sooooooooo cute!!
    you are very talented. thanks for all the nice inspiration!!!
    love regina

  7. Thanks so much for the link. Your bread looks yummy. Hope you enjoyed it.


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