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22 September, 2013


 From Around the World

What do you do when your mother-in-law hands you a dusty, dirty cardboard box and says, ‘Here, do what you want with them.’ 

Well, I gingerly opened the box and carefully removed the old newspaper packing and behold I found an interesting treasure trove of assorted items. 

I think these two might be Greek.  They are so well made with heaps of attention to detail and they are in perfect condition only slightly browning on the costumes which just adds to the character.  They are close to fifty years old.  They make me jump with joy they are so beautiful.

Hand painted miniature wooden jugs from Peniscola in Spain and tiny dolls from somewhere around Germany [I’m guessing].

Sweet little birds made from felt with hand painted tails and felted bodies, just so cute.  I have no clue where they may have originated but I’m guessing France because they were originally gifted from an aunt from France.

Miniature hand carved and painted wooden clogs from Holland.

Finally an old cow bell from Tirol deep in the Austrian Alps.

There was no way I going to put them back in the cardboard box so for the time being they are mounted on the wall in my front entrance. 
I used 12 inch canvases turn wrong way out and decorated them with paint, paper, stamps and washi tape, keeping to the colour scheme from the dolls clothes.  

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