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24 September, 2013

My Latest Quilt

Twelve months later and this little quilt is so close to being finished but I've still got some work to do, namely squaring it and binding.  Anyway I just have to post it here and now, the other will happen later. [I hope]

I learnt how to make this spread by enrolling in  Craftsy Block of the Month 2012.   All up I made twenty blocks and I love the final result.

There is no way I could do the machine stitching, I had to call in the experts for that.

Loving the quilting stitch, it's super cool.  For a quilt made out of scraps it sure did turn out to be expensive. I had the machine stitching done by the professionals and  it was worth every last dollar.  I'd like to give a shout out to ladies at The Sewing Bee Cafe for the beautiful heart machine quilting.


  1. I love the bright cheerful colors! I would never have the patience to do a quilt! It is just lovely!


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