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13 September, 2011

Let's Celebrate Gene Kelly With Some Bunting

"I'm Singing in the Rain" is stuck in my head

When I heard that a bunch of crafty bloggers got together via Twitter and were keen to dedicate some of their crafty expertise to Gene Kelly in the form of a craft along, I said to myself - "I can do that, I love Gene Kelly".  It was only the other day I watched "Singing In the Rain".   I can't help myself, when someone announces a craft along, I want to be part of it even before I know what I will be in for.  
I heard it from Diane's blog - Crafty Pod.  If you want to be part of the craft along and or you'd like to find out more visit Crafty Pod, or these other crafters' blog posts.  Handmade by Alissa /   Say. See. Make. Do. / I Make Cute Stuff  /  Tara Swiger   / Average Jane Crafter     

Being a practical person, I wanted to make something that I would use.  I don't need another cushion, although I was very tempted.  How nice would Gene look on a comfy cushion.  I had "Make Bunting" on my 'To do list' since January so that's what I decided to do with Gene.  I hope he's okay with this.  I just love it.

Gene and bunting will be part of our family celebrations from now on.  Anyway, what do you think?  Got potential?  You can see more Gene Crafts on the flickr group here.


  1. wow i really love what you have created there! its very original and OMG Gene Kelly is awesome!

  2. Just look at you! How cool you are joining in on the Gene Kelly celebration!

    I love your bunting! I bet Diane does too! And Rachel!

  3. I think Gene would be very, very okay with this bunting, Chris. Gorgeous! And thank you so much for being part of the craft-along! Man, I need to get my pictures gridded so I can start stitching...

  4. Thanks Pam and Diane for your kind comments.


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