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14 September, 2011

Japanese Temari - Thread Ornaments

September is my favourite time of the year, it heralds Spring, but it also means I get a cold.  Not just a cold kinda cold, but knock you off your socks kinda cold.  I usually end up with asthma and feeling crap.  I think I've talked myself into it this year as I'm no longer out in the workforce hence more time on my hands at home.

Japanese Temari made by Chris

Anyway, even with a bug I have still been able to find time to play with craft.  My friend Pam from gingerbreadsnowflakes put me onto this idea.  Her Japanese Temari thread balls here are much better, but remember I'm sick.  Pam has put a great tutorial together as well, it can be found here.  Pam also directed me via a link on her blog to which is dedicated to Japanese Temari art.

Japanese Temari made by Chris
My thread balls are quite basic, remember I'm sick and I just wanted something easy to do while feeling precious.  I just don't feel well enough to put too much effort into it.  Sorry Pam!!

Japanese Temari made by Chris
I made four all up over a couple of days.  I like the end result but remember they look nothing like the real thing, um well the concept is kinda there.

Completed and stored waiting for Christmas

The only thread ball I'm not keen on is the red one, but I think I was at my worst when I was decorating this one.  No matter- they will adorn my Christmas tree this year, you can bet on it.

By the way did I tell you I'm sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. pretty, you are always coming up with fresh ideas.

  2. These are so creative. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well.Sending hugs and wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. Thank you for stopping over at Vintage Brocante Wordpress with your lovley comment! I'm laid off and home with my doggie all day!!! I know what you mean! Hope you're feeling better soon!!!!

    How did the recipe turn out?


  4. Aren't they pretty? I've never seen them before.

    Get well soon, Chris and have a lovely weekend

  5. Your Japanese Temari ornaments are beautiful!!! I love them all.

    I hope your feeling better.


  6. I love your ornaments. Just lovely! I found you on Katherines Corner.

  7. Hi, I am following you and love your ornaments. I sure hope you are feeling better! Get well and create more! Look forward to seeing MORE!

  8. Love them, even the red one. Get better soon.

  9. Thank you everyone for you kind comments, it's a beautiful day and your visits make it even better and brighter.

  10. Hi Chris, Thanks for stopping at my blog- I've just read through some of your past posts- really nice crafting, your doggies who destroy the blanket(great patching by the way) and lots more. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  11. Thanks for stopping by the white weathered hutch and your lovely compliments.You are very creative.
    Get well soon.

  12. So pretty! You are very versatile!
    I always get a cold right before sping starts also. I can go all winter without a cold, and then right when I'm feeling confident, I get one! ha. love,andrea

  13. I came over to say thank you so much for dropping by the party on Friday - I hope you didn't catch your cold from that - I warned you it was nippy in the virtual garden!
    I am very taken with these balls - which i had not heard of before even though I speak Japanese. I now feel educated and envious because i couldn't make them even if you threatened to hit me with a plastic spoon. I see you are yet another talented lady like Katherine so I am signing up to follow you on the basis that I can learn your talent through osmosis and if I stroke the screen enough I too will be able to make fabulous things!
    Very nice to 'meet you' here. I shall look forward to seeing more creative ideas.

  14. As seems the norm these days, i am late to the party.

    Wow! first of all thank you so much for linking and mentioning my post!

    Your Temari balls are just beautiful! I love how through your use of materials for embellishment, they reflect YOU!

    I really do love how your Temari Balls turned out Chris.


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