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21 July, 2011

It's been a Heart Felt kind of day

I made these hearts recently and had such fun I thought I would share.
First up I made my first Christmas decoration for the year, using a weaving technique and then just decorating by sewing on some tiny beads.  Finished off with a bit of blanket stitch and it was done.

Then I decided I wanted to work more on my embroidery skills because they are not the best, so I had a go at this one.  It's a comfort heart pillow.

I liked the outcome of this so much, I thought I'd make a pin cushion heart pillow.

I wanted to try an idea I had for the woven heart again, so I made this.  It's the same as the Christmas decoration, except I wove ribbon over the top of the felt and then added odd buttons at each join to secure the weave in place.  All the hearts have been fibre filled and have a ribbon attached to hang as you please.

If you'd like to know how to do the felt heart weaving, I've put together a small tutorial and you can download the template to make the heart.  Click here to go to my tutorial.


  1. I love the green and red heart. What a unique idea!
    Deb ( your KS)

  2. Very nice! You've been busy! love,andrea

  3. I see you have a thing for hearts too! And your's are simply beautiful!

    And i especially love the red woven heart. Your tutorial is perfect. I have made so many in paper but hadn't actually tried fabric yet. Nothing stopping me now!

    Thank you!

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  5. I came for a visit to see what was outside your kitchen window and then thought I'd have a look at this glad I did, the hearts are gorgeous!


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