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01 June, 2011

My Favourite Photo Taken By Me in Hanoi - Vietnam

In March this year, I went on a 3 week holiday to Vietnam with my husband.  I took close to 500 photos over that time and this photo is one of my favourites and about the second one I took.  It's a view of the city lake, which unfortunately was quite polluted, but a central meeting place for the locals, young and old.  One of the days we visited the lake we saw about 20 couples in wedding attire [and they all looked so beautiful] having their photos taken.  It was strange to see so many young people tying the knot at the same time, at the same place.  I thought it might have been a photo shoot for a magazine at first glance. We asked someone about this and they told us that Vietnamese people seek guidance once they declare their love for each other and propose to marry, by establishing the luckiest day for the occasion.  I was told that this particular day was lucky for love.

This lake has quite a legendary history to it and the translation of Hoan Kiem literally means 'The Lake of the Restored Sword'.  I'm not going to go into the history, least to say that they once found a giant tortoise in it and it's on display in the Temple of the Tortoise in the middle of the lake. While we were there you would see locals looking intently into the murky water in the hope of sighting a tortoise as again this would bring good luck upon any who sighted this animal.  It was an interesting holiday.

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