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30 May, 2011

My First Blog

I feel a bit like a kid about to sit an exam.  I have no idea what to blog about and I guess no-one will see it.  But I have to make a start.  This is a photo of one of my projects in mosaics.  I was out walking my dogs and two days in a row I saw this chipboard table on the footpath looking for a new owner.  On the second day I decided that nobody wanted it so when I got home I jumped into my car and went and collected this little table.
I didn't think to take a before photo.  This is the finished result.  I spray painted it after first applying an undercoat.  That's unusual for me because I am always in a hurry and certainly when I was younger I always took shortcuts.  Usually the shortcuts backfired on me.  I'm learning a lot now that I'm older and I took my time with this.  Having said that it took me about two full days to complete because there was no real 'preping' of the table surface, it was in great condition.

This was the very first mosaic project I ever worked on and I didn't plan it or make a drawing, I just put it together sitting in the sunshine and working to my mood.  This plaque has stood the test of time outside in the garden.  It would be about 8 years old now and it adorns my beautiful, but past friends grave "Benji".
And "trala" just because I'm getting the hang of this, the photo above is another project.  I had a section of the path around the house that was just a muddy spot so I did this.  Again I just sat on the ground in the sun and position the tiles onto concrete pavers until I came up with this idea.  Obviously, this was in "my hurry" days when I wanted the project to be completed before I really started it because I just couldn't wait to see the final outcome.  Crazy but that's me.  I don't cut the tiles, because I don't know how, I've tried and it's too hard.  I just like to smash the tiles and then work with what I've got.  Obviously, the flowers are easy to do, but the table [first photo] does show that I have moved on a little bit with my designs. 

Well, doing this blog wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  If you do read this I hope that you will see heaps of improvement in my blogging style as time goes on. 
Have a great day to you and me.

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