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02 April, 2013

Billabong Bliss

Billabong (pron.: /ˈbɪləbɒŋ/, BIL-ə-bong) is an Australian English word meaning a small lake, specifically an oxbow lake, a section of still water adjacent to a river, cut off by a change in the watercourse.[1] Billabongs are usually formed when the path of a creek or river changes, leaving the former branch with a dead end. Billabongs, reflecting the arid Australian climate in which these "dead rivers" are found, fill with water seasonally and are dry for a greater part of the year.[2]
Coronet Bay - Victoria, Australia
This is my secret wonderland, a small billabong hidden behind a quiet coastal beach.  Walking distance from my beach shack. 
This billabong is home to a large paddling of ducks, several white faced heron and I've been warned, a haven for a slither of snakes.  I tread carefully when navigating my way around this tranquil environment.  The Jack Russell pups are on a very short leash when we walk along the track.  The water is fresh and clean [I know, I've tasted it] and far on the other side of this oasis is rich farm land occupied by a herd of wet nosed, sweet faced dairy cows. 

Blue, cloudy skies are a feature of my wonderland and quite frankly, this part of the world, top and bottom, is a tiny bit of heaven.

The billabong flows quietly into the ocean, stretching across the sandy beach, digging deep crevices into the sand.  The Jack Russells have finally learnt that sea water does not quench a thirst and a playful race to the meandering billabong overflow will fortify them on their journey home.
Ah such bliss ~ my billabong wonderland
Sweet dreams ~ Goldie and Lilly


  1. Cute dogs!
    I like that word, too, even though it doesn't really sound like what it is.

  2. Sounds like a lovely place indeed. Great photographs too!
    Happy A-Zing! :)

  3. I had no idea that's what a Billabong was! I remember visiting Australia a few years back and I would've been afraid to be near a billabong! Crocs!

  4. This word always makes me think of the song "Waltzing Matilda." Beautiful pictures and dogs.

  5. Nice! Looks beautiful!!! In the USA Billabong is a clothing brand.


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