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03 February, 2013

Beachcombing and a Dragon

 Last week when I was out walking along this peaceful stretch of beach I came across this dragon. 

Isn't she a beauty?

She sleeps in a gorgeous coastal bay in Victoria, Australia.  She's my new BF.  I can sit beside her and take in the beauty of the ocean, the cliffs and amazing bird life and feel at peace with my life.  She let's me talk with interrupting, keeps me warm and asks no questions.

This is her long and awesome body. See her short legs at the front?  Her beautiful snoozy face is hidden and she just lies there protecting the ocean and yes, letting every living soul walk all over her!!

Such is life - she is my beauty.

Do you see what I see?  Or do you think I've been in the sun too long?


  1. Beautiful Christine! I love the dragon :O)

  2. I see the dragon too!! Now that you pointed it out as a dragon!!! And it is indeed a perfect dragon!

    Had I stumbled upon this magnificent structure of rock, I would have also been enchanted! But caught up in the intricate, evidence of it's past life - now slowly grain by grain being modeled and shaped as it is washed away by the sea. The patterns are remarkable and the colors in perfect harmony - a fascination to the eye.

    But sadly, I would have only seen it as one of the most beautiful "rocks" I have ever seen. Thank you for lifting me to a much higher and more enchanting perception!!!

  3. What a beautiful "dragon" and location Christine! I love how you personified this beautiful rock. Your reflection is very poetic and I can feel the peace you receive from this beautiful location. I truly believe nature can be such a healer--painting on location has always been so much more than just painting for me. I would love to be there enjoying your beautiful spot! Thanks for sharing! xx

  4. Chris,

    You're not sunstruck, that is gorgeous, an amazing place. I like what you said that she let's you talk and asks no questions. Beautiful.


  5. Chris, what a simply beautiful dragon - I cannot get over the colours and formations that go to make her.
    You're very lucky to have found that special spot.

  6. That makes a pretty neat picture! How neat to be walking along that nice beach...I could use a walk like that right now!


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