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15 September, 2012

Scavenger Hunt ~ What Happened At 6 O'clock

The evening sky puts on a beautiful display after a lovely Spring day.  The cold seeps in and it's time to close the windows and doors, draw the curtains and turn on the heater for the day is coming to an end.

The 6 pm view from my backyard

It's time for the little ones to come in from the cold and rest up after the exhausting events of the day.  
Goldie and Lilly say goodnight dear visitors.

Linking up to Deb's weekly photographic challenge at Ramblings of a Square Peg in a Round Hole


  1. I do like an evening sky, the dogs look theyre are set in for the night. Lovely, thanks for joining in.

  2. The sky is looking a beautiful lavender hue, and the doggies look all snuggly ♥

  3. Lovely photos of the sky Chris. Your dogs look like they've had a hard day; such sweethearts.

  4. Lovely pics Chris. Beautiful sky - and cute doggies

  5. Gorgeous sky photos Chris! Your dogs look like they had fun outside and need a rest. Kudos to you for taking part in these photography challenges!

  6. The sky is gorgeous! I love looking out at dusk to see the colors in the sky and always think I should take a photo...but never do! The dogs are adorable.

  7. Hi, Chris, just visiting. Are you guys going into Spring now? We are heading into Fall here in Connecticut of the U.S. Like your dogs. Linda


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