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26 July, 2012

All It Takes Is Practice

I'm doing the Fabulous Faces course with  Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts and after many hours of practice I think the work is paying off.  If I never get any better than this I don't care.  It's been so long since I've been able to post something that is me ~ all mine ~ yes siree she's fabulous.

And ......................... I've finally learnt how to put a watermark on my photos.  Double bonus.



  1. She is beautiful and fabulous!

  2. You are both fabulous! I love this drawing! Way to go Christine!

  3. Wonderful drawing! she is beautiful

  4. Glad to see you posting again Christine! I really admire all the work you have been putting into your art/crafting! Looks like it is paying off! Great drawing! Just a couple notes, peoples blogs who I used to follow that have joined Google Plus no longer show up in my blog feed. I now follow you with Google reader. I dropped out of tribber, wasn't really helping me and The HIve has changed to Wordpress and won't even let me go to the site anymore (computer glitch). Stop by my blog and say Hi sometime. Hope your winter is going OK. Take care! ~Diane~

  5. Thank you for the follow! I was going to do a write up for my 100th follower! Probably next week, so look for a shout out to you :)

  6. Way to go Christine!! Great job! She has presence!


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