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28 March, 2012

March Spending Spree ~ Giving Back ~ Awesomeness

Since I needed time out from blogging and all things internetty, I pretty much chilled by working in the garden. 

 Then I had a birthday, just a plain old run of the mill birthday.  Oh well, life is not perfect and a birthday ~ unavoidable.  One positive aspect of said birthday was that I received a spot of cash to soften the blow and I decided that my wondrous return to the blogging world would commence with a spending spree, or better yet, a "giving back" spending spree.  

You see, whilst sewing, quilting, photography, doll and soft toy making, mosaics and crochet and all that do dar are my 'thing man' I really want to dabble in other mediums.  Since I can't draw a stick figure without laughable embarrassment I decided to see what was available on the internet thus enabling this inhibited soul to acquire new skills.  

This is what I purchased:-

Access to a video by Donna Downey for the March Create Canvas series.  This is so awesome, just wait until you see my finished project.  Donna is way more awesome BTW.

Subscription to Premium membership to Effy Wild  Book of Days.  This is Art Journalling at the OMG level.  Having too much fun here I have to say.  Effy is full of unique awesomeness.

Some wonderful music by Kyrstyn Pixton to art and relax with.  This is so amazing, I can't get enough of the music, the words and it makes me so unbelievable arty.  I almost love myself too much.

But wait, there's more!!!!!!!

One full day oil painting class with Rod Moore.  Yea, an Aussie at last gets some of my support.  This was a totally fun day and I can't wait to share my artistic efforts on my humble blog.  I made new friends and Rod is a wonderful teacher.  I plan to go to more of his classes. This makes me tingle with happiness.

As if this wasn't enough, I needed to learn the basics of simple drawing for my Art Journal with Effy, so I purchased Instructions on How to Draw.   Perfect for me ~ she of little talent.

Last but SO not the least, in fact, this course is like chocolate, I just can't stop myself. Drum roll please, I'm running out of control here:-
Life time access to videos and other great stuff on Letter Writing by Joanne Sharpe.  Joanne rocks my socks, I'm almost lost for words.  Joanne is teaching me [and heaps of others] the skills of letter art.  It is totally awesome.

All my March activity is courtesy of  a whole bunch of creative, innovative, entrepreneurial souls who undoubtedly have reinvigorated my creative juices just a bit more than a tad.  I’ve found some new friends too which is pretty cool.

For play time:-

A Napkin Swap with other keen members of 52 Play Dates.  Jan Fox is another Aussie I am so very proud of and she is one super duper artist.  Sharing her magic free as well, totally over the top.  So Jan is number one on my list of "people to give back the love" when I get some more cash 'a moola.

I sent and am still sending Happy Mail to sisters in the Book of Days premium group.  So much happens in this forum that it rocks big time.  Friendship pours out of the space at a wild pace.

I made a 3D version of a Vintage Easter Card and then swapped with a member from The Hive.  This is another interactive social creative community I'm connected with.  Creative, artistic and hobbyist type people keen to share their wares.  Plan to share my humble effort on my humble blog soon as.

So how I see it!  Spending my birthday cash is supporting my crafty and artistic blogging community and giving back to a bunch of creative souls, saying thanks for sharing your skills with me.  

I've spread the dollars around and whilst cash poor now I am filthy rich with motivation, inspiration and happiness.  New friends, new ideas, new season ~ what more could I ask for.

Um, well!!!:  Prayer Flags ~ I need to learn more but I can see a swag of flags in my garden swaying peacefully in the autumn breeze.  

I’m a happy little vegemite. What about you?

Any suggestions on my next "giving back" spending spree?


  1. I can't wait to see your creations. I know they will be wonderful!

    1. Thanks Cheryl, my creative process is slow but it's happening

  2. Replies
    1. I'm happy to be back, love being around such talented people like you Shannon


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