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02 February, 2012

Time Out

Taking a bit of a break ~ burnt out already ~ not a good sign

Thankfully my girls are here to look after me

Above is Goldie

                                      over here is Lilly

Stay tuned ~ the new me will re-emerge  .............................. 


  1. Hugs to you Chris. I hope you feel better soon. Quality time with the girls is just the ticket! Too bad you don't live closer, I'd bring Bandit by for a play date. :)

  2. I will miss you and your lovely blog. Glad you have the girls!

  3. It's all about balance isn't it Chris. Hope you enjoy your time out. I really appreciate all your support you have given thank you and now to pay attention to you. Hugs :)

  4. Wishing you a quiet and relaxing interlude Chris! It is good that you are taking the time when you need it. Thanks for all your kindness and support! Hugs!

  5. Have a good relax! love,andrea

  6. At least you have good company! you sister BoDer xoDi

  7. Hi Chris! I deleted my blog (due to privacy issues in the news w/google) but I'm still around. Hope you are enjoying your break! love,andrea

    1. Nice to hear from you Andrea, sorry you deleted your blog, I loved visiting you wrote so well. Maybe you might come back again one day, in the meantime keep visiting I intend to get back into blogging soon ~ when things settle down a bit.

  8. What adorable caretakers, love-givers, companions!


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