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23 January, 2012

Beautiful One Day ~ Perfect The Next

So much going on, getting nowhere fast.  Too many things on the go, nothing finished and so much still to start. Constantly dealing with one crazy off it's face computer that I can say at last is finally fixed. Yippee!!!   So I give myself permission to take time to catch my breath and listen to the sun, sea and sky as they call out to me  ~ "come and play".

                                                                        Source: via Golden Lilly Crafts on Pinterest

It's a beautiful day today, a day not to be ignored but a day to treasure and worship and soak up.  So for now I'm putting my frustrations aside, so I can go and play.  Happy that I am doing my best and working on restoring my health.   I wish you could join me.  
  ~ Ciao Baby ~

                                                                     Source: Uploaded by user via Golden Lilly Crafts on Pinterest


  1. It's so beautiful, Chris. I wish I could join you!

  2. Beautiful! Makes me want to be there Chris!! Sometimes a good mental break is exactly what we need for things to realign again. Enjoy your personal retreat!

  3. How could those photos not make you smile?


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