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16 November, 2011

Tasmania - A window to my soul

A recent trip to Tasmania to visit my parents in-law gave me the opportunity to take a few shots of the local countryside.

Full of old world rustic charm, you get a sense of  days gone by, where London once sent it's convicts to this small island 'Down Under'.

Evandale is a National Trust classified Georgian village know for it's artists, period cottages and famously the home of Penny Farthing Cycle Championship.

Whether you enjoy photography, painting, writing, crafts, riding a bicycle or just day dreaming, inspiration is everywhere.

Noble homes abound, filled with mystery and wonder, memories and maybe a ghost or two.

An old gate opens up to expose a magical garden filled with roses, oak trees, granny bonnets, vines and the clucking and haggling of ducks and chickens.

A wondering traveller at some point will happen upon a crystal clear ocean, the calming water lapping lazily on the sandy beach.

This post sounds like an advertisement for Tasmania but in actual fact a dear friend Pam from Gingerbread Snowflakes asked me to tell her about my trip to Tasmania, it's best described with photos. 

A couple of Tasmanian web friends that I'd like to share with you is Deb, she has a beautiful photography blog Ramblings of a Square Peg and Susie who is an artist and musician from Susie McMahon Dolls. A real live Tasmanian friend is Di from  Di Arnold Dolls.  My friend Di has a beautiful country property in a tiny village called Westbury where she looks after sheep and chickens that will never end up on the dinner table.

Hope you've had a moment or two to enjoy the tranquil scenes captured here with my humble digital camera.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Very pretty area. I love the bridge and the water. Of course I always love roses and flowers. Wonderful information. Thanks for this interesting post! ~ Diane

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely visit with us!

  3. It's very beautiful there, Chris!

  4. Thank you my friend. You are right - story best told in photographs. And yours are outstanding! What an eye you have.

    Not in my wildest imaginings would I have pictured the country side as it is! What a charming and beautiful place.

    I really loved every single one of your shots. But my absolute favorite is the old gate in the brick wall. That kind of subject always beckons me to explore every square inch with my camera. All that texture!

    But I also love the first image - excellent choice for beginning the post and our journey. You are a poet at heart.

    I visit every one of your friends. Amazing artists - every one. And their blogs are added to my reader. I don't want to miss following their work.

    Again, thank you so much for sharing your visit in such a beautiful way.

  5. Diane, Shannon, Cheryl and Pam tks for visiting. It makes me happy to share these photos.

  6. Wish I'd know you were coming to Tassie as I would have loved to have met you. Glad you enjoy it here, it's a magical place and I thank my lucky stars daily that I was born here.

  7. Beautiful photo-journey...I especially loved the garden shots. You've certainly created in me a desire to visit such a tranquil setting.

  8. What a treat to travel with you to Tassie, you've captured some truly lovely elements.

    Exploring this glorious pocket of the world is definitely on my 'bucket list' not least to spend time with my gorgeous Blogerista friend Jane from 'Life On Planet Baby'.

    Happy day Lovely You!
    Felicity x

  9. You make my home sound like paradise........(well.....yes, it is!)

    Next time you visit, you must pop in for tea and scones!

  10. Hi, Chris

    What a lovely post. The pictures are amazing and make me want to go and visit Tasmania. I never even been there, but it seem like a very lovely place to go now.

    Have a great day.


  11. Tasmania, looks beautiful. Love your photos.

  12. Have not visited for awhile. Love the new look and of course your gorgeous pics.

  13. Ages ago, we were in Tasmania. I remember Dad hitting a kangaroo with the car, and visiting the old prison. I'd kinda like to go back, I think. I'm a new follower from Favorite Things.

  14. Thank you so much for stopping by my site. Love the pictures. It is always a treat when we can visit and be able to all the beauty we saw. Thank you.

  15. Pretty and stunning views of another part of the world. Love to view your blog. Going through the journey with your captures is pleasant. Thanks for stopping by.
    Terrie from Hong Kong

  16. I had no idea Tasmania is so pretty! Thanks for posting such pretty photos from your trip.

  17. What a beautiful place Chris! Loved the photos!! Thanks for sharing. :D

  18. I never imagined it would look so beautiful. I wish I was enjoying those flowers or walking on the beach- right now. TFS!


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