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20 November, 2011

Lost My Senses

Are We Happy Yet?
I've exhausted my sense and sensibilities this weekend reading an enormous number of blogs and basically whittling away hours of precious weekend time looking for an answer.  There are heaps of messages out there, good advice on how to be a better and happier person.  Heaps of advice on how to stop focussing on the negative and go with positive.  Great advice on getting an education.  Heaps of advice about heaps of things.  I think I'm following roughly 200,000 blogs after this weekend's little foray.  Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but close to the mark.

                                                                              Source: via Golden Lilly Crafts on Pinterest

 My spiritual sidekick sent me on this blog reading journey, to try and find some answers, I'm sure of this.  Sidekick said "Do you really have any clue what you are doing?  Build a bridge girlfriend and get over it."

                                                         Source: via Golden Lilly Crafts on Pinterest

Well, that was a bit nasty, but I kindly replied "What is it that I have to get over?  It's not that I'm feeling sorry for myself.  I don't think it's that!  It's more that I am getting old (and very old in the eyes of some) and I just don't know what to do with the rest of my life.  You do understand Sidekick that I am likely to live another forty years.  Don't you think it's worth a bit of thought."  "Um", said Sidekick,  "I think you've got something there.  Still, I stand by my advice.  Once you've worked it out, build that damn bridge and get over it."

Like I said, Sidekick sent me on this journey, but has been no help at all.

Can We Just Chat About This?
"There is nothing wrong with getting old dearie." said my sweet friend when we were chatting at the local Sunday market.  "Hard work never hurt anyone. What doesn't break you will make you.  All that sort of nonsense.  Look at me, I'm starting to get a bit old, but I'm still working away.  Happy as a lark.  Trust me, tomorrow will be a better day."

                                                                Source: Uploaded by user via Golden Lilly Crafts on Pinterest

Never Trust Anyone Who Says - "Trust Me"
This little parrot looks terrified in a blissful kinda way.  Oops, I transgress!   But what to do?                    

                                                                      Source: via Golden Lilly Crafts on Pinterest

Six Goals
The practical me is going to set six goals, just for moir.  There's no other way around it.

Goal One - Get re-educated and discover a new and exciting career
Goal Two - Take acrylic/oil/watercolour painting classes
Goal Three - Not worry about what others think
Goal Four - Learn to love my wrinkles and liver spots
Goal Five - Stop worrying about all the things I can do nothing about
Goal Six - Do everything I can to ignore the negative and enjoy the positive

Be Happy - It's Not Difficult

                                                                           Source: via Golden Lilly Crafts on Pinterest

Anyone care to give me some advice, all comments will be given due consideration.  I might even consult with Sidekick on your recommendations.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Hi, Chris

    Great post and I think the goals you set is a great idea. When you are done with those goals, set some more and keep on going. You have so much to offer and you just need to spread your wisdom.


  2. I have no advice but I am sending a hug. Your pictures here made me smile, and your words are from the heart. Great post Christine!

  3. Ah yes Chris, I know exactly what you mean. You want to be able to get up in the morning and say wow, this is a great day and I know exactly what I want to do and why. You want to have meaning. This is a mid-life crisis. I have been there and I am there. But what I have noticed is, as long as I challenge myself and also if I give myself the time to think about what I want to do and especially what I love and go with the flow, it all works out. This is a very exciting time Chris for you because this is about YOU, enjoy it, it's exciting and you don't have to know how it is going to work out.

  4. Thanks Vanessa, Shannon and Janet your comments are wonderful and I so appreciate the time you've taken to share your feeling and thoughts.

  5. Chin up, tits out (not literally) and get on with the rest of your life. It's an adventure and no matter what you decide to get up to, you will be richer from the experiences you gather. I love the challenge of new life chapters and so will you, after all you are my kindred spirit.


  6. Dear Kindred spirit, I hear you loud and clear, but I'm so not getting my tits out. He He

  7. I absoluetly loved this post, Chris. Your blog was the first I read this morning. What a happy way to start my day. Thanks! :)

  8. Christine, great post. Love your goals. I think the most important one is number 3. Not worrying about what others think is so freeing! I think that is the one thing I still struggle with today, but I'm getting better. Someday I kind of look forward to wearing red and purple together and not giving a hoot what anyone thinks! ~ Diane

  9. First, I love the imagery in this!

    Secondly, awesome goals and here's to success in achieving ALL of them in your own time.

    Lastly, I love that you said "Be Happy - It's Not Difficult" because that's absolutely correct.

    Being happy is only a decision away. We don't need others or anything to be truly happy.

    Here's to complete joy and happiness that no one can create or take away from us! *CHEERS*


  10. This is very sweet!

    My advice is to love yourself first and happiness will follow.


  11. Great post and love the images!
    Been there, still working through it.
    1. Tried the re education but think I should have researched the result a bit better as around here the opportunities are limited and I don't want to move.
    2. My current arts are quilting and scrapbooking.
    3. I've always done my own thing and people can like it or lump it.
    4. Adore my grey hairs, learning to live with the liver spots that are forming but I could do without the arthritis. All these show I've been around long enough to have experienced life :).
    5. I stopped worrying and just do what I can about what matters to me.
    6. There's times when you can find a positive in a negative, it doesn't take much looking and makes your day better immediately :).
    "Finding" yourself can be more difficult than helping someone else find themselves. You tend to look for good points with others but when you look at yourself you only see what you consider to be faults.
    Make a list of all the wonderful things you like about yourself and look at it each day. It's good for making you happy about who you are.

  12. I popped over to your stocking post from Robin's post and completely missed this post until tonight. I am so sorry.

    Choosing to be happy - that is the most important. I believe that most all of us have many, many reasons to be unhappy if we choose to focus on being unhappy. But why would any sane person choose to do so?

    Is there any reason you can't just give your search for answers a vacation and just be. Sometimes we just need to step back from a thing to see what we are seeking.

    Sending a big hug your way every day.

  13. Hey there, Just browsing around on the net and came across your goal stuff. So....sounds just like me these days. Have a hard time "relating' to some and to others, well, they just don't get me. I want to scream out... Is there anyone out there like me? Am I weird or what? I love love love to paint, sew, create, craft, and do all this fun DIY stuff and nobody and I mean NOBODY in my circle of friends has a clue. I'm fat, ageing, and extremely energetic. Wish you were my neighbor then we'd both howl once in a while together. I agree with the chin up tits out (however, I don't like that word)Tha is truely the ONLY way to survice this ever changing world we live in. My word for you today is..... "Don't asscioate with those who "minimize' you. SPend your time with those who "maximize" who you are.(if you can find them) and.... You are under NO OBLIGATION to feed people who are NOT HUNGRY for what you have. SOmebody is waiting on you and looking for you. It's all about Supply and Demand. Someone, Somewhere is placing a demand on the supply that GOD has given you. Go GIrl Go! You sound like a cool person to me.


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