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27 September, 2011


We all know cats can showoff but this is taking planking to the extreme, don't you think?

Of course this bird has amazing planking talents too.

Hope you're having an enjoyable day.


  1. That looks so uncomfortable, funny though.

  2. Hi Gloria, just had to add a bit of humour to the blog. Tks for visiting

  3. Those are silly cats! I just watched the latest episode of the U.S. version of "the office" and they were doing planking. love,andrea

  4. Ha, this is hilarious! My cat puts herself in "seemingly" uncomfortable positions too but sleeps like a baby.

    Love these photos!


  5. Awww cats are so interesting. Unfortunately I am allergic to them. What an adorable thing for your cat to do.

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    Have a beautiful day.


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