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16 July, 2011

Art Class for Beginners

I love to paint but the talent is not really there.  Anyway my teacher was very complimentary with this effort.  It was my first lesson in using watercolours.  

She is a magnificent artist who loves bright colours just like I do.  This is the end result of two fantastic hours of sheer pleasure, fun  and relaxation.


  1. Its lovely, I am a pisces and I can relate to it. Lovely colour.

  2. Well! For somewho who professes not to have talent - this is a most beautiful effort!

    I love your watercolor. I am thinking you are too hard on yourself.

    Hopefully you won't stop with this one!

    And, if you do happen to make one that doesn't work - put it out in the rain! Say you planned it that way!


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