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Dala Horse Pattern and Tutorial

Here is the pattern template for you to download Dala Horse Pattern Template

Once you download the pattern, you will need to tape the Main Front Body to the Main Back Body.

Then place the template on double sided fabric and cut out the main body shape.  Place the underbelly gusset where the fold is indicated on the pattern.  Cut the ears out of the contrast or main material.

You should have two main body pieces, one underbelly gusset, one top body gusset and two ears.

Next pin the top gusset around one of the main body parts see photo below.

You may have to trim some length off the top gusset when you get to the hind leg.  Sew the gusset to the main body piece.

Next attach the second main body piece to the other side of the top gusset the same way and sew these pieces together.

Once you have successfully sewn the two main body parts together, separate the legs by cutting or splitting the top gusset up to the point level with the belly of the horse.  See below.

Next, pin the underbelly gusset to the main part of the underneath body, leaving an opening so you can later turn the horse inside out and then stuff.

Once all pieces have been successfully joined, carefully trim the seams.  It's a good idea to sew the seams twice to strengthen the stitching.

Seams have been carefully trimmed
Next turn the pieces right side out.

Your Dala is ready to be stuffed.  Fill the head first, then each leg followed by the body cavity.  Stuff the Dala really tight to get that stocky look.

Prepare the ears by sewing two ear pieces together, turn the right side out.  Repeat for second ear.

Once your Dala is tightly stuffed and the ears are prepared you will need to pin the ears in place and then sew to secure on the head.

Now you've done all the hard work, it's time to sit back and get to know your Dala and decide how you are going to make him or her simply beautiful.

This Dala is slightly smaller than my finished Dala because I used a small top gusset.  This new addition to the Dala family will become Winter's little brother or sister.


  1. Those are so adorable!! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. What a cute little tutorial! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, leaving a sweet comment and being my 100th follower!! I'm excited to follow this lovely blog right back. :)
    -Robyn from

  3. wow! they stand too! my daughter would love this : )

  4. Oh I saw these on your Flickr photostream, and now I found your blog and this wonderful tutorial - thank you for being so generous and sharing it - I really want to make one! I'm a preschool teacher's aide and I'm sure the children will love to see it when I'm done. We're having Scandinavian week this week, so I'm really into all things Scandi.
    Best wishes for a fantastic 2013! Ann


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